Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Second Birthday for Local Market

By Liz Abbott & Rudie Verhoef

Coast Road Market is alive and well! The market hasn't skipped a beat
(except for Easter Sunday) since it began in August 2008.

The market is held on the first Sunday of every month, rain or shine,
in the grounds of Coast Road Retreat, alongside the Art Shed, at 728
Coast Road, Seacliff. The next market is on Sunday the 4 July,
then on August 1 we will be celebrating our second birthday!

Coast Road Market is a unique blend of food, coffee, craft and
clothes; local produce, plants, preserves, pakoras, prints, patches,
portraits and paintings; bric a brac, books, toys and more!!

It's a free market so if you would like to have a stall, come along
before 11am to set up. Or you can phone us first on 465 7990 with any

The Art Shed is open during the market (or by appointment 027
699 5390). This month you can find out about upcoming beginner
woodblock printing workshops. There is a new bird on the block as
well as some fresh oil paintings. Original art from $1!

Coast Road Market, Liz Abbott & Rudie Verhoef 465 7990

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