Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New Principal for Waitati School.

By Tania Turei

The Waitati School Board is delighted to announce the appointment of a
wonderful new principal, Heidi Hayward, who will join us at the start
of Term 3.

We are looking forward to working with Heidi, and we hope you take the
opportunity to introduce yourselves to her and welcome her to our
school and our community.

Heidi really impressed us all and we know that she will impress you,
too. She introduces herself here:

Kia ora. I come from a teaching background. Both my parents were
teachers, my husband, sister and brother-in-law are also teachers. I
have three lovely children, currently involved in three tiers of
education (pre-school, primary and secondary school) so I feel like I
have a good grasp on education – where we've come from, and where we
are heading.

I began teaching in 1999 and have enjoyed many years at Macandrew
Intermediate School, initially as a scale A teacher, followed by six
years as part of the senior management team. I've done a little post
graduate study during this time, also.

It is my belief that the goal of education is to help students realise
they can think, learn, act and hold the potential to change things.
Teaching students to be responsible and respectful (of themselves and
towards others) is at the core of education – learning of content is
secondary to this.

Of utmost importance is, I believe, that schooling is just one
component of life-long learning. Family life, playing sports,
involvement in cultural activities and good health are all necessary
to complement formal education and grow a well rounded individual.

In this vein I also have many interests outside school. I am heavily
involved in the arts, love gardening (although I am no good it at),
cooking (which I am quite good at) and skiing (which I was once good
at, before I developed middle age fear!).

I look forward to meeting you all in the very near future.


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