Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Inaugural Ukuklele Jam Rocks

By Tania Turei

The first Annual Blueskin Ukulele Jam presented by the Blueskin
Library was a lot of fun.
Heaps of locals came along and lots of new faces from town and the
Dunedin Ukulele Club. We never expected to see so many different kinds
of ukes in the bay.
Mandy Mayhem rocked a wicked solo kazoo and Peter Dowden played a mean guitar.
Tally Ho, Poi E and Sophie were hits, it was nice to hear all those
really great New Zealand songs again. Brad Martin was an excellent
band leader and it was lovely to hang out with Metiria Turei and
husband Worik Stanton.
Thanks to Martha Hill and The Mineshafts for running the show and the
Blueskin Café for hosting us.
In fact, it was so cool that we're going to do it all again. This time
we are rocking an eighties theme. Hits so far include Hungry Like A
wolf, Purple Rain and Venus.
The venue is Tangente Café, 111 Moray Place on Sunday the 4 July at 2pm.
Music sheets will be available on the Facebook event page as Martha
Hill and the Mineshafts First Annual if you want a head start.
· Tania Turei, 482 2525 or 0211 387 967

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