Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Five Warrington School Pupils in Collier A Hockey Team.

By Polly Higham

One third of this year's Otago Collier A hockey team is made up of
Warrington School Year 6, 7 and 8 pupils. Congratulations to Mira
Neuman, Natasha Abbott, Izzy Locker, Devon Familton and Ruby Randall.
This is a remarkable achievement for a school of 65 pupils.

The Collier A team is the intermediate team and includes children from
Balclutha to Oamaru. They worked hard, having a fitness session,
training session and game in the High School grade competition every
week. They will be playing in local competitions in Otago and
Southland leading up to the National competition in Timaru in October.
The girls will be fundraising for the costs associated with these
trips. Look out for the advertisements in this month's Blueskin News;
a fantastic and useful metal recycling scheme and bags of pine cones
to keep you warm this winter!

Warrington has represented hockey in Otago teams for many years,
having players in the Girls' Developmentand Collier B teams, and now
Collier A team this year. One third of Warrington pupils play hockey
and we have players in four competitions this year. Five intermediate
players have combined with East Otago High School in the Friday night
competition, 16 Year 4-6 players play for the Warrington Warriors and
Warringon Dolphin teams in the Wednesday Primary competition and six
Year 1-3 players play for the Mighty Ducks in the Saturday mini-sticks

We are very proud of all our players and thank all our parents for
their support.

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