Thursday, 20 May 2010

Safety driving Waitati curve realignment project

Subject to the necessary consent approvals, a start is expected to be
made early next year on realigning the tight curve in State Highway 1
at Waitati, to improve safety for road users.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) project will also involve
shifting the Blueskin General Store to a new site next to the Blueskin
Nursery, on land occupied by the existing highway. The Harvey St
intersection into Waitati will also be upgraded.

The aim of the project is to improve highway safety by realigning the
existing curve so it is more compatible with the rural (100km/h)
environment in this area. Another key safety benefit will come from
the store being accessed from Harvey St, where the speed limit is only
50km/h. The new store site will also have improved parking and
turning areas for cars, buses and trucks.

Because the store cannot be permanently relocated to its new site
until the highway works are complete, the store will move temporarily
to a site on Harvey St between the former hall and Gallery on

As part of the project, there will be improvements to the adjacent
landscaping by enhancing the current QEII covenant area. The location
of the new Harvey St intersection has been designed so the registered
oak tree and adjacent beech tree are not affected.

The project recognises the importance of car pooling and buses to the
local community so they can commute to Dunedin, by providing car
pooling and bus bays. Some sections of the highway not required for
realignment will be made available for parking.

The project cost is $3.5M - $4M, with construction planned to commence
in January 2011 and due to be completed by December 2012. In July, the
NZTA will lodge consents for this work. It is intended that these will
be publicly notified so people will have an opportunity to review the
proposals and make a submission if they wish. The NZTA will also hold
a public information evening in Waitati at this time, at which
residents can gain a better insight of the project. Details about this
evening will be published in Blueskin News.

Further information on this project should be available on the NZTA
website (, from early June.

Project manager: Simon Underwood, 03 955 2938, email

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