Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Speed Limit Review

Good news for the north coast area.
By Alasdair Morrison

The DCC Transportation Operations Department has completed its review
of speed limits on a number of roads throughout the city. The
objective of the review was to recommend the most appropriate speed
limit for the individual roads, or sections of road.

Summary for roads in the north coast area: The recommendation is that
the current 100kph limits on Mount Cargill Road, Blueskin Road and
Coast Road should be reduced to 80 kph. There are a few areas where it
is recommended that the 50kph road signs should be moved a short
distance along a road to match up with obvious built-up development,
such as driveways, post boxes, trimmed hedges, etc. Details are as

Mount Cargill Road: Heading north from the city, past the Normanby pub
and out of the 50kph area, the speed limit will reduce from 100kph to
80kph until the 50kph road sign above Waitati School. The 50kph limit
remains along Harvey Street to the intersection with State Highway1.

Blueskin Road: Leaving Port Chalmers and out of the 50kph area, the
speed limit will reduce from 100kph to 80kph all the way through to
the intersection with Mount Cargill Road.

Coast Road: Leaving State Highway 1 at Evansdale, the speed limit
remains at 80kph until just past the first railway level crossing
(after the Park Road intersection). The speed limit will remain at
70kph through the built-up area until you go past the railway level
crossing beside Reservoir Road. Continuing north round the bend, the
speed limit will reduce from 100kph to 80kph. This will continue until
the approach to Seacliff where the speed limit will further reduce to
70kph. The limit will go back to 80kph once clear of Seacliff and will
remain at that until the present 50kph area at the entrance to
Karitane. The limit will go back to 80kph once clear of Karitane and
will remain at that until the intersection with State Highway 1.

50kph signs:
Entering Karitane from the north, the 50kph sign will move about 150
metres along the road towards the village.

Entering Warrington from the south along Park Road, the 50kph sign
will move along the road to the start of the built-up area.

The recommendations were endorsed by the Waikouaiti Coast Community
Board on 14 April. The recommendations will go to Council and public
consultation will take place during July and August. Final approvals
are likely to be in late September and road sign alterations could
start happening in October. Our thanks go to Bruce Conaghan, DCC
senior traffic engineer, for all his work on this review.

Alasdair Morrison, chairman, Waikouaiti Coast Community Board, 482 2505.

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