Friday, 23 April 2010

Hopeful outlook for new hall and library complex

By Geraldine Tait
A resolution at the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board meeting on April
14, requested the architect to investigate the feasibility and cost of
building the new Blueskin Bay Library at the south end of the Waitati
Hall. This is a very positive move as it was supported by a petition
presented to the Community Board from 80 local people who are
concerned about knocking down a perfectly good building which could
have multiple uses (Toy Library, Youth Group space, meeting room for
groups like the Garden Club, Weggies etc).
The proposed plan to build the new library at the north end of the
Hall would also have an adverse effect on the children's playground,
which is already surrounded by trees on three sides and would be
completely blocked in by the library. We can't be sure what the
architect will come back with but I'm hoping he will see an
opportunity to design a fabulous new foyer which will provide a
combined entrance into the new library on the left and the hall on the
right. If this new plan costs more money I'm sure many of us in the
Blueskin Bay community will get in behind a fundraising drive so that
we can have a better positioned library and a great new little meeting
space at the other end of the hall.
The Council is contributing $500,000 to the new library building but
another $350,000 has to be raised locally through funding applications
or other means. I'm sure we can follow the example of the committee
behind the Waikouaiti Events Centre and access the necessary funds to
make this a multi-purpose community hub which will meet the needs of
our area well into the future.

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