Friday, 23 April 2010

Godwit update

By Derek Onley and Peter Schweigman

1BWRY, the adult male bar-tailed godwit in the STOP PRESS in the March
edition of Blueskin News was banded at Warrington on 28 February 2006.

After banding, 1BWRY (that's white flag on left tibia, blue over white
bands on left tarsus, red over yellow right for the uninitiated) was
first re-sighted at Aramoana on 18 Sept 2006. As it was an adult, it
probably went to Alaska but appears to have returned rather early,
most birds returning a week or two later at the end of September. It
was seen 16 times at Aramoana during 2006, 2007 and 2008. The first
sighting back at the banding site at Warrington Beach was not until 1
March 2007 and it was back at Aramoana the next day. Maybe it had bad
memories of the place. It was not seen at all in 2009.

After a year's absence, or in hiding, it was spotted at Aramoana again
on 11 Feb 2010, a month or so before its last sighting in New Zealand
at Karitane on the afternoon of 9 March just before setting out across
the Pacific. Nine days later it was at Yalu Jiang on the China-North
Korea border at the head of the Yellow Sea; after a week or two's stop
over it headed north-east across the North Pacific to Alaska.

Four more godwits banded at Warrington were seen in the Yellow Sea in
late March this year and yet another had arrived there by 12 April.

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