Monday, 26 April 2010

East Otago swimming champs

By Cherie Oldham

Report and Results

(Swimming; not just a survival skill but a skill that opens the door
to the enjoyment of water sports)

Well done to all children who attended swim club this season. The
improvement in the swimming skills of all of you has been fantastic
which is very rewarding for Janice, Talia and I as the coaches. We
look forward to seeing you next season, (start Tues October 12th, ph

I would like to thank Janice Byrne and Talia Oldham who have done a
fantastic job coaching the children this year, the effort you have put
in is greatly valued by me and all members of the club . A huge thank
you also to Loraine Clearwater, our Club Treasurer, who not only
organized money collection but helped with the organization of the
club champs. Finally, thank you to Stephanie Kelly for helping to
organize the club champs and all the parents who support Swim Club by
bringing their children and helping at our club champs.

Since I started coaching at the East Otago Swim Club the number of
children coming has increased to the point where more coaches had to
be trained and club coaching time has increased to 2 afternoons,
Tuesday and Thursday after school this season. This has allowed
children to learn in smaller groups. The increase in numbers is very
positive and what I have found especially rewarding this season, is
the number of children aged 6 years and under who have achieved
swimming 20m, (1 length) in one stroke or more. Fantastic effort kids!

Congratulations to Talia who completed her swim coaching
qualifications at the start of this season through Swimming NZ.

Cherie Oldham – Head Coach East Otago Swim Club


Marie Lay Cup for Most Promising Swimmer Maia Aoake

Cup for Most Improved Junior Swimmer Aaron Jones

Cup for Most Improved Senior Swimmer Shannon Clearwater

Cup for Consistent Effort Lilly Blasby / Tamati Sagar

Best in Stroke Cups; Freestyle Tadhg Kelly

Backstroke Claudia Muldrew

Breaststroke Brooklyn Clearwater

Butterfly Cup Brooklyn Clearwater

Age Group Cups

6 and under boys 1st Jack Woods 2nd Aaron Jones 3rd Tamati Sager

6 and under girls 1st Leilani Baeumer 2nd Lilly Blasby 3rd Emily Hagan

8 and under boys 1st Joseph Hancock / Tane Te Hiwi 3rd Albert
Baeumer / Jarrod Billyard

8 and under girls 1st Evie Snell 2nd Billie Russell 3rd Zoe Whyte

10 and under boys 1st Finn Kelly 2nd Spenser Milburn 3rd Cameron Dodd

10 and under girls 1st Maia Aoake 2nd Leah Billyard 3rd Bobby O'Hanlan

12 and under boys 1st Tadhg Kelly 2nd Tai Aoake

12 and under girls 1st Claudia Muldrew 2nd Brooklyn Clearwater
3rd Jessie Blyth

Open Medley 1st Tadhg Kelly 2nd Claudia Muldrew 3rd Maia Aoake

Open Champion Claudia Muldrew

Achievement of 200m Swimming Certificates

In Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast stroke Claudia Muldrew

Tadhg Kelly

Tia Aoake

Maia Aoake

Brooklyn Clearwater

Finn Kelly

Amara Muldrew

Leah Billyard

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