Friday, 23 April 2010

Blueskin 10:10

By Mei Ling
Blueskin 10:10 met the great kids of Room 1 and their teacher, Sue
Roberts-Blyth, at Waitati School recently.
Sue writes: "Room 1 at Waitati School was lucky enough to have a visit and
presentation from Scott Willis of the Waitati Energy Project. Scott
talked about what is causing climate change and what is happening to
our Earth as a result of human impact. Afterwards the children
decided to write about ways in which we could make a difference to our
world and our futures."
The two examples from students below show their breadth of thinking.
Not only are they focusing on simple actions they can do themselves,
but also the "big ideas" like alternative energy and transport
systems, areas that will need the involvement of our brightest minds
for generations to come. An extra special thanks to Shaianne and
Rhythm for sharing their ideas, to Scott for providing inspiration,
and to Sue for organising everything.

A Child's Perspective on Climate Change
What we can do about it
We can have oil free days, which are walking/biking days. We can also
have public transport days as well.
You can get solar in your TV and radio.
When you are out of the room turn off the lights and also switch off your TV.
When you brush your teeth don't leave the water running.
Don't even watch TV; go outside and play or climb a tree.
Shaianne Andrews

An Acrostic Poem
Care for animals
Herbicides are bad
Go out side and play
Eat outside

Turn lights off
Hybrid cars
Earth hour

Wind power
Operate a wind turbine
Read with a torch
Light candles
Dynamo torch

Rhythm Moana

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