Wednesday, 24 March 2010

By Mary-Jane Mirfin

Playcentre Awareness Week, March 22-29, started off a bit early for us
by our promoting one of our most popular play areas, the play dough
area, at the Blueskin A&P show. Many children enjoyed our play dough
table and thanks to everyone who bought play dough or a pet rock. We
are carrying on with Playcentre Awareness Week by encouraging anyone
in the area, especially with little children, to come along and see
what fun we have at our playcentre. We are open on Tuesday from
10.30-1pm, Wednesday 9.15-12.15pm and Friday 9.15-12.15pm.
Happy birthdays go out to Amelia (1) and her big brother Ben (3) and
also to our five-year olds Rhiannon and Brook. Have a great time at
school. We will miss you both.
A big welcome to Ayano, Benjamin, Flynn and Jamie.
Some changes are coming up with one of our entrances. The Otago
Playcentre Association and the Ministry of Education have been
concerned that the shared entrance into Playcentre by the postal boxes
creates a risk for our children. As a result, we are going to redo
the fencing so people don't need to come into the playground when
picking up parcels or dropping off the key. A big thank-you to Mark
Horsefield who is helping out with the construction of the fencing and
also to the Playcentre parents who will be involved in the building of
We have been enjoying the warm weather with lots of water play,
visiting Warrington Beach and Warrington School for a few pool visits.
We had a great crop of potatoes in our vege patch and have been
finding interesting bugs in our garden, too. Feel free to stop by for
a cuppa and see what we are all about.
• Warrington Playcentre: Mary-Jane Mirfin 482 1962

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