Wednesday, 24 March 2010


By Rosemary Penwarden and Derek Onley

In the past two weeks, sometime between the end of February and the
second week of March, an amazing, unbelievable yet ordinary, and
mostly unnoticed event occurred. About 600 godwits left Blueskin Bay
on their non-stop flight to Korea, then onward to Alaska to breed.
One male godwit, colour banded on Warrington spit in Feb 2006, was
seen feeding on the Karitane estuary on Monday March 8. Nine days
later on March 17 it was seen feeding at the Yalu Jiang Nature Reserve
on the China/North Korea border! This same godwit has been seen a
dozen or so times over the past four years.
See the next Blueskin news for the full story.

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