Friday, 19 March 2010


by school staff, pupils and parents

We began March with a wonderful day for the Wawa Challenge triathlon,
jointly with Waitati and Purakaunui schools. Well done to all our
Warrington pupils who competed. A superb effort from Devon Familton
for winning the Wawa challenge.
Pupils from Purakaunui School took the opportunity to visit our school
on Wawa Challenge day to peer-review our Eco­hut. Later, a small group
of senior Warrington pupils reviewed the Port Chalmers School Ecohut.
Our Ecohut was judged to be creative, with good use of natural and
recycled resources and supporting nature and wildlife. Our Ecohut can
be found
behind the swimming pool.
Our senior pupils have made 15 carnival drums with Dave Grace from
Song Bong. These beautiful drums are stored in the entrance way and
all classes are learning how to use them. For pupils keen to learn
some advanced skills an after-school drum group is run by Hannah.
Congratulations to the Warrington Wizards T­Ball team who had their
first win of the season in early March. Well done to Eli, Mikey,
Oscar, Jacob, Dion, Harry, Mitchell, Isaac and our stand-­in player,
The year 7 and 8s spent four days at the end of March re-living Otago
settler history as passengers from the ship John Wickliffe on
Quarantine Island. The pupils also used microscopes and dissected a
squid at the Marine Studies Centre, participated in a police search
and rescue exercise and undertook a variety of aquatic activities.
Pupils have been out and about in the village making sketches of local
features as part of our school vision map. There have been some lovely
drawings and great progress in artistic ability has been noted.
The school has received an award from the Mayor of Dunedin, Peter
Chin, and the Keep Dunedin Beautiful Committee for last year's
Warrington Beach clean­up during Matariki week.
Our school fair at the A&P Country Fair is shaping up to be a big day
for Warrington School. Money raised from this event will go towards
our planned playground development.
Warrington School is planning a clean­up project for Church Creek,
which runs along the back of our school paddock. We need materials for
our project: garden pots, soil/compost, seedlings, waratah fencing.
Please contact the school if you can help in any way.

Dates to note:
Thursday 1 April: end of term 1; BOT meeting at 7.30pm
Monday 19 April: Term 2 begins
Friday 23 April (at noon): BOT nominations close
Friday 7 May: BOT Election Day

Warrington School Ecohut stories

by Lachlan, Room 1

Could you imagine living in your house with a living wall of fennel,
getting up and opening your curtains of nasturtium to see your salad
growing on your windowsill? Mmm... easy lunch!
Imagine tuis being attracted by your bright yellow and red bird feeder
and flying into your bird house and to your sugar water bird feeder. I
can almost taste it.
Imagine climbing outside and walking calmly down the path admiring all
your brightly coloured flowers, beetroot and native shrubs. You are
back inside. You have your favourite book and you are curled up in
your shady hideaway. You feel like part of the ecosystem in the

Just like real builders
By Joshua and Steven, Room 1

"Yay! We are allowed to build a real ecohut out of real timber, just
like real builders!!"
It started off in Term 2, 2009 when a group of Warrington School
students chose the ecohut site from an old hut already existing in an
awesome four-trunk tree. So that day we got right on the job.
We started pulling nails out of wood to use (at the time there were
builders at the school so they put aside some old wood for us that had
nails in it) and we started making a platform.
A roof was the next step and then some students stopped building
because someone bought something to school and they all wanted a go,
so there were very few students working on the ecohut.
It was harder for us to build because there were fewer students to
work on it but Steven from Room 1 came during the weekends and worked
on the ecohut which helped a whole lot. We were lucky because we had a
lot of community help from the builders who were at our school,
Blueskin Nurseries, the Warrington community and Warrington School
We also had a lot of problems including weekend vandalism like
smashing the walls of the hut and taking our wood and nails, and more.

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