Wednesday, 24 March 2010


By Lyn Hastie

Last month the club visited the Village Potager herb garden in
Waitati, and shared recipes along with tasting many delicious pickles
and preserves. Here are two recipes which were enjoyed.

Liz's Silverbeet Pickle
4 C silverbeet, 7 onions, 5 stalks celery. Chop and cover with 4C sugar.
Add 1T celery seed (or celery salt), 1T mustard, 1½ cups vinegar, ½ t salt.
Boil till tender and thicken with ½ C flour, 1t turmeric, 1t curry
powder mixed together in ½ C cold water.

Lyn's Cauliflower Pickle
6lb green veges – including at least 1 large cauli, also green beans,
courgettes, cucumber, green apples, green tomatoes, broccoli –
anything you have to spare.
Wash, chop veges and cover with 2T salt and leave overnight.
Boil together above plus, 1D curry powder, 1D mustard, 3lb sugar, 3
pints vinegar, pinch cayenne, 2T turmeric.
Boil for one hour and thicken with ½ C flour mixed with a little vinegar.

This month, in lieu of a nightly meeting, we are visiting the Chinese
Gardens on Saturday April 17, at 2pm. Cost is $9 pp or $18 for a
year's membership.
May is our AGM, which will be held at the Warrington Surf Life Saving
Club Meeting Room on the 13th. Food is to be pot luck. Time TBA. There
will be a dress code for the evening also TBA. After last year's hat
parade we decided it would be fun to carry on with a dress-up theme.
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