Monday, 22 February 2010



by Pete Russell

The 2009/2010 season has been a busy one with weekend patrols and
inter-club competitions. Patrols have been well supported with over 50
life guards in the club. Many thanks to the regional guard team whose
work around the club has been a great help, in particular Arthur
Ibbotson for the board coaching sessions prior to Ocean Athletes.

Inter-club competition has gone well this year with 3 events in
December and one in January with the club finishing 2nd overall in all
four tournaments. A big contingent of Juniors went up to Christchurch
for the Southern Region Ocean Athletes over Waitangi weekend.
Congratulations to all competitors, a great weekend was had by all and
thanks to the parents and the coaching team of Mark Familton, Cherie
Oldham and Polly Clyne for some great results for the club. Well done
to the medalists:


Allie Adams U11 beach flags, U11 Board Race

Johnny Oldham U13 beach flags, U13 beach sprint

Matt Kelly U14 beach sprint

U14 mixed beach relay (Matt Kelly, Johnny Oldham, Tarn Neuman, Immy Doyle)

2 KM Beach Relay (Matt Kelly, Johnny Oldham, Allie Adams, Talia Oldham)


Allie Adams U11 surf race

Devon Familton U11 Run Swim Run


Devon Familton U11 surf race

Allie Adams, U11 beach sprint, U11 Run Swim Run

Matt Kelly U14 beach flags

Talia Oldham U16 beach flags

Congratulations also to Carina Doyle (St Clair) and Hamish McCulloch
(Brighton) who are associate members and lifeguards of our club, who
won 3 golds each. Well done also to the club Secretary and President
for completing the 1.5 km Harbour swim during the recent Masters Games
and we wish them well in their future ocean swims.

The final club day is March 14th with club prize-giving beginning at
10.00am followed by a barbecue. The lifeguard Kangaroo court and break
up will begin at 1.00pm once the flags are out and beach set up. All
those offending life guards make sure you bring plenty of Coke(tm) to
compensate your fellows for your misdemeanors/misadventures during the

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