Sunday, 21 February 2010



by school staff and parents

We have been blessed with some beautiful summer weather and the rain
held off for our visit to the Orokonui Ecosanctuary, which was a
superb visit, the Ecosanctaury is an amazing space with its increasing
bird numbers, regenerating bush and incredible use of shipping
containers for the visitors centre. We were all
impressed with the fabulous staff that showed us around and shared
their amazing knowledge.

The School goals for this year focus on teaching and learning in the
arts areas and increasing our understanding of children's varying
learning needs. The teachers have been discussing a school target of
how our community-based projects
will improve the social literacy of our pupils. Social literacy refers
to a person's ability to communicate effectively and ethically across
society – something that is believed an important skill to learn.

Our 2010 projects are the creating of a school vision map with
resident artist Juliet Sorrel, the stream restoration project plan
with our very own Enviroschools facilitator and teacher Trisha Korth.
There is also a community gardening project being initiated, the
development of the courts area (see noticeboard for details)
and pupils broadcasting live over Blueskin Bay FM.

BB FM is presently running 24/7 in test mode and will soon be ready
for the official launch. All Room 1 pupils are involved in the
creation of 10 ­ 30 minute shows during the week. Music played on
BBFM is presently Creative Commons licensed music ­ BBFM still need to
raise funds to play copyrighted music. We are keen to have the
community assisting our pupils run the station during the day with
more open access to the radio station out of school hours 8am­4pm. If
you are keen to be involved helping either the pupils or BBFM please
talk to us.

We are aiming to establish a drum and dance culture in the school. We
would like to include this into this year's Kaupapa festival. We also
hope to perform at the A&P show on Saturday 20 March and at the
mid­winter festival.

Seaweek (7-­14 March) is the annual celebration of our precious marine
environment. To find out what activities are available please visit The DOC/DCC Great Dunedin Coastal Cleanup
will be taking place along the whole of Dunedin City's coastline
(including harbours, estuaries and lagoons) on Sunday 14 March –
Warrington's litter pickup will be 1pm at the Surf Club.


Wednesday 3 March: WAWA Challenge

Thursday 4 March: BOT Meeting 7.30pm

Friday 5 March: WAWA Challenge Postponement Day

Sun 7-14 March: Sea Week

Tues 9-Fri 12 March: Year 7/8 camp

Saturday 20 March: Blueskin Bay Country Fair and Clearing Sale

Monday 22 March: Otago Anniversary

Thursday 1 April: End of term 1

Monday 19: April: Term 2 Begins

Friends of Warrington School

Need More Garden Space?

Want to share in some gardening fun with family, friends and neighbours?
Do you loving mixing magic potions, growing organic family friendly
food and talking dirt?

We are interested in utilizing some of the Warrington School grounds
for community gardens or allotment style plots. If you are keen to
help us shape this community project please contact Jan on 482 1728 or
cell 022 614 9266.

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