Thursday, 4 February 2010



by school staff and parents

Welcome back and welcome to our new families.

The moisture and lack of sun has proved a blessing for our school
veggie patches, with much produce being picked and eaten.

Room 1 pupils are happy to see Trisha back from her Antarctic adventures

Warrington beach has had visits from sea lions, orca and Hector's
dolphins,adding a new dimension to surf group fun.

For those who have noticed the aerial on top of the administration
building this is for Blueskin Bay FM 88.2. Our local community radio
station is now beaming out to Purakanui, Seacliff, Kilmog and Pigeon
Flat with the children being able to run their
own programmes during the day and available for community members
outside of school hours. Senior pupils are already presenting shows.

Our big project for this year is the upgrade of the court area and
entrance way. We have plans drawn up for both, with the entrance way
proposal already on the noticeboard and website.

We have decided to start the year off with a whole-school theme:
'Warrington/Okahau - our place in the world - past present and
future'. This will culminate in a large vision map being created by
the pupils and Juliet Sorrel on the end wall inside the school
entrance way.

We have had requests from families seeking before/after school care
for their children. If you can assist or know of someone who could
please let the office know.


Thursday 4 March: BOT Meeting 7.30pm

Tuesday 9 March: Year 7/8 camp Quarantine Island

Saturday 20 March: Blueskin Bay A&P Country Fair and Clearing Sale

Monday 22 March Otago Anniversary Day (school closed)

Tues 23-Wed 24 March: Parent Teacher Interviews

Thursday 1 April: End of Term 1

Monday 19 April: Term 2 Begins

Friends of Warrington School

For our main school fundraising event this year we will be running a
number of stalls and activities at the Blueskin Bay Country Fair and
Clearing Sale on Saturday 20th March. The full proceeds raised from
this event will be used for a major playground refurbishment. We need
lots of volunteers on the day to help man our stalls which are: hot
food & drinks, chocolate wheel, book and music stall, bouncy castle,
fair trade products, eco-cleaning products, baking, preserves and
produce and others.

Fair Trade products are always available for sale at the school.

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