Monday, 22 February 2010



by Karen Hobday

If you want to have a say about what activities are and are not
allowed on our beach and reserve, or how the plants, dunes and
wildlife are managed, then you need to put in a submission to the
draft of the Dunedin City Council's Coastal Dune Reserves Management
Plan before 5:00pm Friday 12 March 2010. This plan will impact on and
guide the management of our area for at least the next ten years, so
it's important. There is any easy two page submission form to fill
out, and there are copies of the management plan and submission forms
online at

There are also copies available at the DCC Customer Services Office at
the Civic Centre and all libraries. We have put copies to view at
Blueskin Store, Warrington School and Warrington Post Boxes, or you
can ring DCC 4774000 to get a copy.

Look at the general section Parts One and Two (pages 6, 13 and 26
discuss specific Warrington issues), and the Warrington section in
Part Three (9.10) pages 53-57.

A community consultation meeting was held in June 2007 to discuss what
we did and didn't want for our beach and reserve. Other communities
between Waikouaiti and Taieri Mouth were also consulted, and then a
draft was presented to a working group of DCC staff and
representatives from the council and community boards. This is the
final draft of that process for the public to comment on.

Warrington Reserve Group invited DCC to present information about the
management plan and submission process, at a public meeting at
Warrington Hall on 18 Feb 2010. About 50 people attended, and it was
great to have a variety of viewpoints expressed. Dolina Lee (Ruth
McKain's replacement as Reserves Policy and Planning Officer), Renee
Gordon (Parks Officer), Ros MacGill and Jim Pryde (Animal Control)
presented information and answered questions. Trees, dogs, horses,
vehicles, dunes and wildlife were all discussed. Now it's up to us to
have our say before representatives of the council decide what the
plan will be.

If you have any questions phone Karen 4822762 or Geraldine 4822517.

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