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Waitati Film Society programme

Waitati Film Society

by Leonie Rousselot

All welcome to join us at the Film Society, corner of Orokonui and Mt.
Cargill Roads on Tuesdays at 8.00pm. Membership for one year is $60
and covers 29 nights of entertainment. We offer drama, comedy, history
or just plain entertainment in a warm, pleasant environment with
convivial company. For more info ring Brigitte 482-2829 or Leonie
482-2508 or visit:

Tuesday March 2


This South Auckland story is about two families of two cultures: one
Sikh, the other dyed-in-the-wool Anglo. Food and love are intertwined
in this tale of two mothers who must find the courage to confront the
secrets and misunderstandings of the past, in order to set their sons
free. The boundaries of nurture and control, mothering and smothering
are explored in this irresistibly local celebration of recognizable
real lives on the big screen and ends fittingly with cups of tea. 90min

Tuesday March 16

MY WINNIPEG (Canada 2007)

Guy Maddin's portrait of his native city is intensely idiosyncratic
and hilariously unreliable, constructed around his apparently doomed
imperative to escape the place, and with it, his mother. He takes us
back to the sensual mayhem of his mother's hairdressing salon, the
macho world of ice hockey and the locker rooms of the city's
pools. 80min

Tuesday March 30


An investigative journey into the phenomenon of "documentary", based
on manifestos written by directors Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth.
About a filmmaker not only revisiting, but also recreating one of his
first films, "The Perfect Human". Von Trier's stated intention is
to mine a vein of suffering in Leth's work which he feels hasn't been
presented before or as he puts it, he wants the feel of `a tortoise
on its back'. 90min

Tuesday April 13

TOPAZ (USA 1969_

Hitchcock takes you behind the actual headlines to expose the most
explosive spy scandal of the century! A French intelligence agent
becomes embroiled in the Cold War politics first by uncovering the
events leading to the 1962 Cuban Missle Crisis, and then back to
France to break up an international Russian spy ring. 127mim

Tuesday April 27


14 short films by N McLaren, 61min

From the Animation Genius, Norman McLaren, we show three programmes
containing short films selected from a wealth of works spanning five
decades. Famous for experimenting with both the visual and aural
possibilities of the moving image, McLaren's films are marked by an
internationalist social conscience, an insistence on exploring the
malleability of the film form and a playful sense of humour. No
matter how abstract they may at first appear, his films boast an
engaging narrative structure that contributes to their timelessness
and accessibility.

Tuesday May 11

AFTER THE FALL (Germany 1999)

This documentary explores the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin
Wall and the almost total disappearance of its once 160 kilometres
long structure that surrounded West Berlin. Since then, some 50,000
new buildings have been erected in the capital. But the common tenor
of different people is that the wall and its traces were eradicated
too quickly, with the intention of clearing away the past as soon as
possible. 85min

Tuesday May 25


11 short films by N McLaren, see April 27. 75min

Tuesday June 1


Four lives that could not be more different and a single passion that
unites them: the unconditional love for their cinemas, somewhere at
the end of the world. From North Korea to Wyoming, India to Burkina
Faso, we follow their efforts to make their audiences dream every
night. The film dives into a set of fascinating lives where stories
from the everyday and from the silver screen frequently merge into
something magical. 100min

Tuesday June 8


14 short films by N McLaren, see April 27 52min

Tuesday June 15


After 11 years in prison, the former GDR citizen Martin Schulz has
been released from jail into a unified Germany. With nothing but East
German documents and money and good humour, he re-establishes contact
with his former wife and son. Fellow jailbird Victor gets him a job
in a video store. But Schulz's past is haunting him. Not being able
to get a taxi driver's license because of his criminal past and his
contact to the shady Victor leads to serious trouble. 93min

Tuesday June 22

SUN ALLEY (Germany 1999)

A film about life in the 1970's at the tail end of Sun Alley, in the
shadow of the Berlin Wall… A lively, beautifully played coming-of-
age tale that takes a comic look at an era usually portrayed through
bleak dramas or espionage
thrillers. 101min

Tuesday June 29

I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND (Czech Republic 2007)

Czechoslovakia, 1963. Jan Díte is released from prison after serving
15 years. He goes into semi exile in a deserted village near the
German border. In flashbacks, he tells his story: he's a small,
clever and quick-witted young man, stubbornly naïve, a vendor at a
train station. Thanks to a patron, he becomes a waiter at upscale
hotels and restaurants. "A sexy bit of satire... easily one of the
cleverest and wittiest comedies to come out of Europe in recent
years." 120min

Tuesday July 6

SUMMER IN BERLIN (Germany 2005)

Nike and divorcee Katrin spend their evenings on Nike's balcony,
looking down at the city below. From their perspective, the world is
turbulent and troublesome – the good guys usually turn out to be
bad; decent jobs are hard to come by; and you have to be tough to
succeed. The sensitive portrayal of the two female characters is
coupled with moments of enchanting comedy. It is a moving film full
of warmth, sincerity and delightful humour. 105min

Tuesday July 13

NINE QUEENS (Argentina 2000)

Boyish, likable Juan and hard-edged, scheming Marcos meet by chance.
Marcos seems to have cheated everyone including his siblings. He
offers to teach Juan tricks for a day. Juan accepts as he needs money
to release his father from prison. Marcos gets asked by an ex-
associate to help sell a forged set of rare stamps, the Nine Queens,
and asks Juan to use his savings to set up the
deal. 114min

Tuesday July 20


Tilo, the young Indian Mistress of Spices is sent to San Francisco
with three basic rules to follow: help her clients to accomplish
their desires with the spices, but never hers; never leave the store;
and never touch the skin of another person. When she meets American
architect Doug, she feels a great attraction and desire for him,
breaking the first rule and being punished by the
spices. 92min

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