Sunday, 21 February 2010

St Barnabas Church has a new priest

Photos: Vance and his new chauffeur

St Barnabas Church has a new priest

St Barnabas Church, Warrington has a new "Priest-enabler", a role
shared with all the churches between Warrington and Hampden.

Vance Vidal's Anglican Communion began fifty years ago when he was 15,
teaching and working with children and youth in a little parish.

Six years later, after working in drama with youth groups while at
University in Arizona, Vance went for theological training in
Virginia, followed in Arizona with four years or so as an assistant in
a large parish and university chaplain, then some years as a Vicar in
small town churches and rural areas, including one on the Mexican
border, one in a farming town in the high desert, then to a mining
town in the hills not far from Tombstone.

Vance came to New Zealand in 1981, worked in a cooperating parish for
several years, and then as a school chaplain. After being interim at
Waimate North in the Bay of Islands, where he met Kathy from Okaihau,
Vance opted to be a high school teacher again, and a non-stip priest
-which continued for fifteen years. Kathy and Vance married and
settled in Kerikeri with two children, Jessica and Andre.

Vance and a couple of drama teachers organized the Bay of Islands
Youth Theatre before four years in the Gore parish as Vicar, three
years in the Dunstan as Enabler, then at Selwyn College filling in as
chaplain, while developing a lifestyle block near Outram.

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