Sunday, 21 February 2010

NEWS: Mainly Music is coming to Waitati

Mainly Music is coming to Waitati

by Marion Rucker

Pre-schoolers (or homeschoolers) and their caregivers are invited to
the very first Mainly Music session at the Waitati Community Hall on
Tuesday 9 March, 10-11pm. Nannas and Dads are especially welcome.

Each Mainly Music session will contain 30 minutes of songs and
actions, instruments, and fun props. The following 30 minutes is
morning tea and chat time. Sessions run in the school term times and
cost $2 per child or $3 per family (up to four children).

This Mainly Music programme is part of Mainly Music International,
started over 15 years ago by volunteers who wanted to introduce
children to the developmental benefits of music, dance and rhythm as
well as provide a place for mums (and caregivers) to connect and
support one another. Our Mainly Music programme is run completely by
volunteers supported financially by a local church. Our team are
current members of the Pine Hill Mainly Music group and we are a
mixture of Waitati and Dunedin mums.

For any questions regarding Mainly Music please feel free to contact
Kim Park (03 4738932) or Jenny O'Neil (0273787258). Looking forward to
meeting you and you're littlies on Tuesday.

Hi Peter

Is it possible to have the attached article in Blueskin News?
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Article for Blueskin Bay news

Thu, 18
Feb 2010 15:55:37 +1300

Kim and Greg

Marion Attached is a draft copy of the article for the Blueskin Bay News.
Would you mind reading through it and seeing if the tone is appropriate for
the newsletter. Having not seen it before I'm a little unsure as to how
formal/informal it should sound. If you think it needs changing could you
let me know quickly and I'll re-write. If you think its OK can you just
forward it on please to the editor. Thanks. Hey, me and a few of the Pine
Hill crew came and checked out you're hall yesterday. Its perfect for
Mainly Music I think. Thanks for doing the ground work. We are planning to
have a dry run session (free) on Tuesday March 2 just for a few bods.
Thought we'd use it to iron out any wrinkles so don't expect it to be
perfect but morningtea should still be good. We'll start at about 10. You
and the kids are very welcome. OK see you. Kim P

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