Sunday, 14 February 2010

NEWS: Blueskin A&P Clearing Sale and Country Fair

Blueskin A&P Clearing Sale and Country Fair

by Paul Clements

This year's event is scheduled for 20 March we are inviting all of our
local schools and clubs to participate.

This is an event being run by locals for the community, all funds
raised going back into the community.

The schools and clubs are providing a range of foods and stall's from
the "Flying Possum" Cafe being organized by Waitati School.

Warrington School are selling hot chips and burgers, they are also
making available vintage car rides, along with Southern Clams chowder
as part of their fundraiser.

Playcentres are organizing various rides horses and trains.

Mandy Mayhem, our local Ring Master, is once again entertaining the
children with a wide range of centre ring events.

Car boot sales and local clubs selling their wares are welcome.

The International Possum Tossing Championship will once again feature
with our local champions coming along to defend their titles.

The clearing sale opens for entries on Friday evening, closing on
Saturday at 9.30am with the sale set to start at 10.30am. Any and all
items accepted.

For updates, please email us: or telephone our
secretary Paul Clements: 482 2640.

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