Friday, 5 February 2010

NEWS: APNK arrives at Blueskin Bay library

APNK arrives at Blueskin Bay library

By Louise Booth

A new broadband internet servoice will be available at Blueskin Bay
Library from the end of February.

The Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa provides free access to
broadband internet services in public libraries so that all New Zealanders
can benefit from accessing, experiencing and creating digital content.

It is completely free to use, and the APNK computers come with
webcams, headsets, USB ports and card slots, as well as lots of cool
software and WiFi to connect your laptop, iPhone or other WiFi devices

Users can connect to e-mail and social networking sites
such as Bebo and Facebook, create documents with Microsoft Office or
OpenOffice, listen to CDs and watch DVDs, use Twitter, YouTube and Flickr,
edit audio files using Audacity, Skype (if you have a Skype account),
download music (iTunes is installed), use Internet banking, upload and
download using CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives or memory cards, take a
photo with the webcam.

Users can't install any software on the computers and while some
gaming sites are available network security blocks games such as

And while you're at the library . . . pick up some great books to read, browse
our magazines or take out a movie.

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