Tuesday, 23 February 2010

GET THE TRAIN (column): Remember the train on 10 March

Photo: Passengers on one of last year's commuter trains.

GET THE TRAIN (column): Remember the train on 10 March

by Get the Train Group and Peter Dowden

The 'Walk2Work week' commuter train is just under two weeks away, on
Wednesday 10th March.  This is our chance to show that Dunedin's North
Coast communities want a train service, so make it a day, and please
pass the word on.

No bookings required, and the fare is just $5 cash each way on the
train. Bike compartment available (please help each other to load
bikes and board the train promptly; it is running to a very tight


Waitati                                 dep        7.40am

Michies Crossing                               7.45am

Osborne                                              7.55am

Purakaunui                                         8.00am

Mihiwaka                                            8.05am

Port Chalmers Upper                       8.10am

Sawyers Bay                                      8.15am

Maia                                                    8.25am

Dunedin                               arr          8.40am

Dunedin                               dep        5.30pm

Maia                                                     5.40pm

Sawyers Bay                                       5.50pm

Port Chalmers Upper                       6.00pm

Mihiwaka                                            6.15pm

Purakaunui                                         6:17pm

Osborne                                              6.20pm

Michies Crossing                               6.25pm

Waitati                                  arr          6.30pm

Get the Train Group is campaigning for safe, efficient regional train
services for Otago. More about Get the Train: getthetrain.blogspot.com

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