Monday, 15 February 2010

French dancing workshop this Friday

French dancing workshop this Friday

by Kate Grace

Do we have to wear clogs?.... French dancing (and beyond) at the Waitati
hall - Friday 19th Feb. 6pm - Koha

Suitable for people without dancing experience. It will give an impression
of the diversity of French and European dances. Everybody can participate.
No dancing experience, no dance partner required. No special clothes or
shoes necessary.

Kate Grace is most known in Dunedin as a teacher of African folk dance and
for her involvement with Songbong. After a recent 3-year stay in France
(her native country) she rediscovered French and European folk dances and
attended many workshops and festivals of traditional music and dance. She
started a regular dance session on Thursdays at 6pm at the Baptist Hall in
North-East Valley and is now proposing workshops every first and third
Friday of each month to the Waitati community.
Here are some links to give you an idea of what I am aiming for.

Last workshop in Waitati, we had a look at the Gavotte de l'Aven (Bretagne),
the Andro (Bretagne), the mazurka (Poland).

Try to convince husbands and partners...Good luck!


Bransle d'escosse


Valse ecossaise

Laride 8 temps (Bretagne) - actually these guys are the ones I was with in
France not long ago...nice to see them again...

And a waltz for the holidays :0)

Andro (Bretagne)

And here is the "gavotte des montagnes" 3 parts: ton simpl/tamm kreiz/ton
> &feature=PlayList&p=7D861462A90F2AB0&index=4

The 2nd part (the rest part) looks quite organised in this video, what I
have seen in bals is often "slacker" than that.


ah romantic vision of France!...

That's what you can do when you are completely at ease with the dance...
maybe not next week

This is a performance of a "gavotte de l'Aven" by a "groupe foklorique" in
87> &VideoID=40532987

This is actually what happen in "bals trad" (Ivoirine second piece in the

I really hope this will happen here too.

One day.


"Les Belles Vilaines"

French dancing and beyond

473 6488

027 26 399 39

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