Monday, 22 February 2010

Blueskin News is looking for a News Editor

Blueskin News is looking for a news editor

by the editors

A news editor opens incoming emails, checks them for grammar, spelling
and style, and sends them on to get placed in the 'Blueskin News', on
our website and to share with other media.

If you would like to help our voluntary newspaper, please get in

Full training is available.

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From and 'Blueskin News' published by Blueskin Media:
voluntary/non-profit community publishers in Blueskin Bay (Seacliff,
Warrington, Evansdale, Waitati, Doctors Point), Dunedin, New Zealand.
All material sent to or published by us is "copyleft" in the public
domain and may be freely shared, archived, re-edited and republished.
If you want to credit the source it's "".

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