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Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa is huge and we are sure you'll be as
excited about it as we are. Be sure to read the article with the
detail about this network and then come down to the library to see
what it can offer you. Andall entirely free!

Blueskin Poets 2009 was launched in February and copies are now
available for sale. This year there are fewer colour pages and so we
were able to keep the cost down. Only $10 will buy you a copy of this
collection of work by local poets, and featuring in particular poems
by Blueskin children. There are copies at the library for you to look
at. Your own name or the name of someone in your family is probably
there. We are sure you will enjoy the poetry and will admire the
beautiful cover by Jessie Blyth of Waitati School. There are a limited
number of copies, so don't miss out. Come in or ring us to order one.

Library Cards

Most of you will be familiar by now with the new computer system that
the library is using. While it gives us greater capacity, one of the
things that is more difficult is issuing to people who haven't brought
their library card with them. So we ask that everyone make a
particular effort to have their card on them when they want items
issued. Many thanks in advance.

The New Library: the story so far

We are often asked about progress on this, and we are pleased to let
you know that much work is going on behind the scenes. At the moment
this is on two fronts. You will all know that much money has to be
raised, and fund-raising is a major focus of the planning. The other
main focus is on the plans, and we can tell you that final detailed
architectural drawings are now being prepared. Quite a bit has been
achieved to get to this point, and we will keep you up-to-date on
progress as it happens.

Staff Changes

We are sorry to announce that Kate won't be rejoining our staff. Our
school shelver, Bessie, is also moving on when her family shifts into
town. Both have contributed a huge amount to the efficiency and
friendliness that we like to see as a mark of our library. We wish
them both well and hope they stay in touch.

Warrington Outreach

The Book Car will be at Warrington School from 2-3pm on Wednesdays,
March 3, March 10 and March 24. Anyone in the Warrington community is
welcome to drop material off to us at these times.

Warrington Book Club

Our first meeting of the year will be after school March 3 and 24.
This club is a delightful group of lively, intelligent readers who are
keen to share the books they have recently enjoyed. It creates a buzz
about reading that is sheer pleasure.

Louise is a JP!

Many of you will know that Louise was sworn in as a JP in December,
because many of you were there at the ceremony. There was great
community support for her. She would like everyone to be aware that
she is available at the library and at her home for signature
witnessing, and authorisation of documents. Well done Louise. We are
proud of this honour, and of the contribution she makes to the
community in so many ways.

Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū
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