Sunday, 21 February 2010



By Sandra Muller and Nathan Parker

Open-minded, new Radio Station looking for friends in the wider
Blueskin Bay area

For those of you who have not heard it yet: our very own radio
station, Blueskin Bay FM, has started to broadcast from Warrington
School on 88.2 FM. At the moment, BBFM offers an interesting mix of
music and programmes produced by the
station's committee members and the talented children of Warrington
School. Over the next few weeks, we will expand and diversify our
broadcasts, hopefully with enthusiastic input from our local
community. Waitati School will shortly begin work in the Studio.

Blueskin Bay FM is presently running 24/7 in test mode and will soon be ready
for the official launch. All Room 1 pupils are involved in the
creation of 10-30 minute shows during the week. Music played on
BBFM is presently Creative Commons licensed music ­ BBFM still need to
raise funds to play copyrighted music. We are keen to have the
community assisting our pupils run the station during the day with
more open access to the radio station out of school hours (8am­-4pm) If
you are keen to be involved helping either the pupils or BBFM please
talk to us.

Since BBFM is a non-commercial station, we do need the support of our
listeners. Many community members have already gifted their time and
expertise to get the station off the ground. Yet in the months, years,
decades to come we will need
ongoing help to cover its basic running costs (power, licenses,
maintenance, etc.). For those of you who feel they can offer such
help, we have established the "Friends of Blueskin Bay FM". All it
takes for you to join is a $10 annual donation and you can sign up at
the Waitati Library.

So to all you Bay-dwellers and Coast Road settlers, from the cliffs to
the hills, down to the flats and the valleys, be our friends and keep
BBFM on air!

To contact Blueskin Bay FM:

email: blueskinbayfm &


old-style: PO Box 88, Waitati

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