Wednesday, 20 January 2010



A Waitati Wander

by Jason Ross and Jackie Fanning

The Waitati Open Orchard (WOO) folk think that it would be a good idea
for those interested in fruit trees in the community to join us on a
wander through the village (well, the library, school, then riverside
bank on Orokonui Rd) to talk about the trees there, their care and
what other trees people might like planted in these areas.

We are hoping it will be a social occasion with anyone able to join in
at any stage of proceedings. The wander is on Saturday February 13,
starting at 1pm at the library. And if it's a nice day we will end the
wander with a picnic (BYO afternoon tea and/or wine).

Meanwhile, we are also fundraising to purchase more trees. As part of
the three WEGgies Harvest Markets, WOO will be having a stall selling
donated produce, preserves, cooked food, garden tools or anything
related to gardening and harvesting.

The first WEGgies Harvest Market is on Sunday February 21. Please
drop off items that you are able to donate to the Village Potager, cnr
Foyle St and Doctors Point Rd (look for the sign) before the Sunday,
or bring it along on the day before the market begins at 10.30am.

If you want to contact WOO, our email address is

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