Wednesday, 27 January 2010

DCC to cut down pines

DCC to cut down pines

by Rhys Owen

The DCC pans to cut down and remove all of the pine trees from the
Warrington Spit. This is stated in Section 9.10.7 Management Issues,
of the DCC's Draft Coastal Dune Reserve Management Plan, where it
reads; "Removal of wilding pines has been identified as a long term
goal for this reserve".

The pine trees on the Warrington Spit provide shelter belt of wind
protection and in my view they should not be cut down. The DCC's
intention is to replace the pines with native shrubs. However, in my
view, it is unlikely that native shrubs will be able to provide the
same wind protection as the pines.

I believe that a compromise should be sort; whereby selected areas of
pines are protected and retained for the purposes of wind protection
and in all other areas the Council may act to return the area to its
natural vegetation. In my view, the selected areas of pine tree
protection should include around the domain and along the Blueskin Bay
water front. Both areas are commonly used by people as refuges from
the wind; the loss of wind protection in these areas would be
extremely detrimental to the community and to visitors.

Copies of DCC's Draft Coastal Dune Reserve Management Plan are
available from the DCC by phone 477 4000 or by visiting their website If you wish to make a submission
on this plan then submission forms can be found through the same

(Rhys Owen is a Warrington resident)

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