Thursday, 28 January 2010

Blueskin Bay radio news for Friday Jan 29

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Schools go back this coming week – naturally that’s just as the weather begins to improve. Term one at Warrington School begins on Tuesday while Waitati School gets underway on Wednesday. Warrington School has a number of events on over the next week, check your copy of Blueskin News for details.

The Blueskin Bay Community Directory needs updating.  This very useful directory lists local organisations, businesses and emergency phone numbers. If you are listed in the Blueskin Bay Community Directory, check to see if your details are correct; and if not, make any necessary updates. Google Blueskin Bay Community Directory to find it.

A justice of the peace is now available in Waitati. Blueskin Bay librarian Louise Booth has spent some months undergoing training and is now qualified to offer a range of services. These include witnessing signatures, certifying documents, taking declarations, affidavits or affirmations, verifying citizen applications and processing applications for the dissolution of marriages or civil unions. If she can assist you in any of these matters you can contact her at the Blueskin Bay library.

If you have found the Christmas break difficult, flab-wise, you may need a new hobby-sport for 2010. What about tae kwon do? Classes are held at Warrington Hall every Monday and Wednesday from 6pm - 7.30pm. The benefits when combined with sensible living are well documented – increased energy, tighter muscles and of course weight loss. It may just be what gets you back on track for this new decade.

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