Saturday, 23 January 2010

BLUESKIN 10:10 (column): Macro v Micro Environmentalism


Macro v Micro Environmentalism

by Meiling Blank

Happy New Years wishes to everyone and hoping you all had a safe and
enjoyable holiday season! Last year's climate summit in Copenhagen was
a good example of macro environmentalism and climate politics at its
worst – well intentioned, but torturously slow and petty. Micro
environmentalism has the advantage of being relatively fast moving,
flexible and inexpensive to implement.

Macro environmentalism

Who? Global players like Hu Jintao and Obama; climate scientists
Where? Climate change summits, government and company policies
How long? Decades, generations
How much? Trillions$$$$

Micro environmentalism

Who? You and me
Where? Our homes and communities
How long? Everyday of every year
How much? $0+

Here is a reminder of just some of the micro environmental projects
underway in the Blueskin Bay area that everyone can be part of:

* Harvest Markets: be sure to keep February 21, March 21 and April 18 free!
* Coast Road Market, Seacliff (first Sunday of every month)
* Waitati Edible Gardens (WEGies)
* Waitati Open Orchard Initiative
* Warrington Reserve Group and Waitete Bush tree plantings
* W3 Ride Share – register at Blueskin Bay library
* WEP Retrofit
* Community wind power

In the coming months Blueskin 10:10 will be bringing you stories of
local people and the changes they are making toward more sustainable
lifestyles. Until then, enjoy what's left of summer!

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