Saturday, 21 November 2009

LETTER: Librarian Mike Wooliscroft sends thanks to Blueskin Bay


Librarian Mike Wooliscroft sends thanks to Blueskin Bay

Dear Gentle People,

Thank you so much for the fine pastel "Coast Road (Omimi)" by Liz
Abbott to which you so generously contributed as my fine memento of so
many happy "momentos" at the Blueskin Bay Library and elsewhere on the
Library's outreach programmes.

This afternoon I hung it alongside a companion work earlier given as a
token of appreciation when I was Celebrant at Liz and Rudie's civil
union ceremony.

My time at Blueskin Bay Library, the Warrington and Waitati Primary
Schools, and an A&P show were some of my happiest in libraries and
came as a rather unexpected but delicious coda to my decades in a most
satisfying career in libraries.

At Blueskin I was free of the restraints of serious politicking,
management policy and planning which I had thoroughly enjoyed through
several challenging and stimulating decades and was free again to
focus on engaging with readers one to one – just the sort of
involvement I went into libraries for 46 years previously.

My time with y'all (readers and colleagues) was very precious and it
would not surprise me if, in a few months time, I again feel the call
to work and delight in small public library services on much the same
basis as I did at Blueskin.

Thank you all for being so warm and friendly and welcoming me into
your/our community. I have only the most delightful memories of my
engagement with you and I frequently miss the happy contacts I had
with so many of you.

Hopefully we will catch up with one another from time to time when I
am in the Deeper South.

Warmest regards, mike

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