Friday, 20 November 2009



by Marion Rucker

We have had an action packed, fun month at Playcentre. We started the
month wishing Max a Happy 4th Birthday and enjoying a yummy morning
tea. We have had lots of messy play this month with foam, glug, clay,
painting our feet and bodies in some cases, along with lots of water
play. During one session the sand pit became a jungle for the
dinosaurs and wild animals to live in.

We have enjoyed a trip to Doctors Point Beach to collect shells and a
visit to Portobello aquarium to learn more about sea creatures. In
December we look forward to playing ripper rugby in association with
Sport Otago. We've done a lot of baking of various muffins and
cookies, made smoothies and chocolates and enjoyed eating these at
sharing time.

Our children are enjoying our carpentry area which has been renewed
with a new table and tools. Thanks to a grant from Dunedin Casino
Trust we will be upgrading our baby sleeping area over Christmas with
the purchase of a new double cot.

At the end of term we will say a sad farewell to Tessa and Lisa. Tessa
will be starting at Room 3 at Waitati School in the New Year. Lisa has
been involved with Playcentre for 12 years with all four of her
children attending. Over these years she has made an invaluable
contribution to Playcentre. Tessa was the driving force
behind our bike track which children are still enjoying, while her knowledge
of grants has seen many areas renewed and equipment replaced. During 2009
she has volunteered on our supervision team, she will be sadly missed and
we wish her well.

Blueskin Playcentre is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Why not join
us for afternoon tea on Saturday 12 December 2009 at 2pm, at Waitati
Hall and help us put together our history. Bring a plate, your photos
and your early childhood memories. For more information contact Marion
on 482 1395.

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