Sunday, 22 November 2009



By Lynnaire Johnston

Three gardens and a church were the focus of Blueskin Garden Club's
November outing. The area's keen gardeners visited gardens in
Warrington and St Barnabas Church.

First port of call was Maretta and John Thom's Reservoir Rd garden.
The result of many years' hard work, and with fabulous views over the
bay, terraced gardens and thousands of well-placed rocks, it was an
inspiration as to what can be achieved in a less than ideal situation.

Back down at the bottom of the hill, one of the area's best kept
secrets was revealed. The stained glass windows of St Barnabas Church
are just stunning and well worth a visit if you've never had the
opportunity to see them. The story goes that they were acquired after
WWII when Australian watersiders refused to offload them from the ship
they had been transported because they had been made in Germany. The
windows ended up in Dunedin where they were warehoused before being
bought and placed in St Barnabas.

The evening was rounded out by visits to two further gardens – Jackie
and Alistair Wright's modern garden on the corner of Watson and
Ferguson Streets with its fabulous bed of Chatham Island daisies, and
Rowena Park's cottage garden in Hill Rd. Rowena's pure-bred rabbits
were a particular favourite.

Finally, a reminder that the club is holding its Christmas
get-together on Saturday December 12.

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