Sunday, 22 November 2009

BLUESKIN BAY FM (column for Blueskin News)


By Rozalina MacRae and Peter Dowden

The Waikouaiti Coast Community Board approved the funding application
for Blueskin Bay FM, granting us $1000. This is about $300 less than
what we asked for, but we can begin by ordering the transmitter and
getting other equipment ready.

The other money will be not a problem to collect I think. We will try
to find cheaper options to buy equipment if it is possible. And
donations will help also.

As 'Blueskin News' is getting ready for printing, we are about to meet
and discuss getting our station on-air.

Logo competition

We need a new logo. Some children at our local schools have already
started designing one and all 'Blueskin News' readers are welcome to
have a go. The logo needs to read "Blueskin Bay FM 88.2" and should be
bumper-sticker shaped: 30cm wide and 7cm high (that's an A4 sheet
folded lengthwise into thirds). Entries with the artist's name,
address and age to the Blueskin Bay Library by 31 December please.
There will be a small prize or prizes for the winners (yet to be

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