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BLUESKIN 10:10 (column)

Blueskin 10 : 10

by Meiling Blank

10:10 Moving Beyond CFLs and Insulation

So you've replaced your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents,
use reusable shopping bags, and have taken advantage of the government
home insulation subsidy. Hopefully by now you're noticing a difference
to the size of your wallet, while the planet notices a difference due
to your smaller carbon footprint – but what now?

10:10 is a climate change campaign promoting cooperation of all
members of society – individuals, businesses, schools, community
groups, local and national government – for one single goal: to reduce
overall carbon emissions by 10% during 2010. Check out the website at

Why 10%?

Most climate change proposals set ambitious goals for sometime in the
far distant future, but scientists believe emissions must begin
decreasing by 2015 if we are to avert major changes that may one day
make places like Blueskin Bay uninhabitable. A 10% reduction now is an
achievable and necessary first step for virtually everyone and every

What does 10% mean for me?

Carbon emissions vary from person to person, but a Ministry for the
Environment publication "New Zealand's Greenhouse Gas Inventory
1990-2007" estimates that our per capita CO2 emissions amount to 19
tonnes a year – 11th highest in the world. So a 10% decrease would
mean each person reducing their emissions by 1.9 tonnes during 2010.
Making smart choices to eliminate waste and increase efficiency may be
all that's needed to achieve your 10%.

Do we really need another greenwashing awareness campaign?

10:10 aims to go beyond simple awareness. The Waitati Household
Energy Use survey conducted by the Otago Energy Research Centre last
year found the strong pro-environmental values in Waitati did not
necessarily translate into green behaviours. 10:10 is a platform to
help make that leap from good intentions to action. It depends on us
as individuals making smart choices, but it also depends on the
creativeness of the community so the smart choice is the easy choice.

What can I do?

There's no point in setting a 10% reduction goal if there is no way to
measure progress. CarboNZero is an easy to use carbon calculator for
households that requires you to answer some simple questions about
your home energy use, transport, waste and recycling habits. You need
to complete a free registration (it took me about 90 seconds) and have
your power bills and fuel receipts for the last month or so handy.
Once you are registered click the "add data" button to start using the
calculator. Check it out at

We also need to hear from you, because this is the community where you
live, work (maybe?) and play. You, your friends, your children and
your neighbours are what make Blueskin Bay. What sort of community do
you want to live in, now and in the future, and how should we respond
to the 10:10 challenge? Just as important as promoting personal
action, 10:10 is about Blueskin Bay coming together and finding its
own creative solutions for its own unique challenges. Are you up for
it? Everyone at the Waitati Energy Project and Blueskin Resilient
Community Trust hope you, your family and loved ones have a safe and
happy holiday season. Keep a note of carbon reducing ideas and look
out for this column in next year's Blueskin News as the Blueskin 10:10
team offer up more tips, tools and tales to reduce your carbon
footprint and fatten your wallet. For more information, or to discuss
the 10:10 campaign further, please contact Meiling Blank, Tel: 482
2289, email : .

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