Thursday, 22 October 2009

Blueskin Garden Club - November

By Lynnaire Johnston

The recent Blueskin Garden Club Spring Flower Show was a roaring
success with nearly 700 entries from all over Blueskin Bay, including
many from Warrington.

Our supreme winner was Tracey Kyle who submitted both the best
flowering shrub and the champion bloom.

We had joint winners in floral art – both with equal points: Rowena
Park and Daphne Henderson each produced stunning work.

The best exhibit was Ruth Spear's beautiful patchwork quilt and the
family which won the most points was the Mayhems of Waitati.

The individual winning the most points was Daphne Henderson who kindly
handed over her trophy to the children from the Warrington School in
acknowledgment of the wonderful exhibits they had entered.

The children's trophy was shared amongst five children who each scored
six points. They were Rose Mayhem, Rosa Cameron, Mary Locker, Michael
Rainbow and Stuart Van Turnhout.

Blueskin Garden Club president Lyn Carlyle was delighted by the number
of entries (given the bad weather before the show), the quality of the
entries and the number of people who attended the show on the day.

"We couldn't put on a show like this without the support of the local
community," she says. "Many people help out and we can't thank them
enough for giving up their time. This includes the teachers and pupils
of Warrington School and Playcentre who put in a lot of effort this

November's Garden Club meeting will be a visit to a number of Bay
gardens on Thursday 12 November. Participants will need to be in the
St Barnabas Church car park (Coast Rd, Warrington) by 6.50pm.

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