Wednesday, 23 September 2009



By Lynnaire Johnston

Spring has decidedly sprung and with it has come a surge in growth.
Garden centres are doing brisk business as keen gardeners get busy
outside. Members of Waitati Edible Gardens (WEGies) are no exception.
A recent meeting of the WEGies heard about progress on a number of
initiatives and plans for the summer.

350: We are planning to be involved in the International Day of
Climate Action, called 350, which will take place on Saturday October
24. (See separate story.)

Community Garden: Garlic has been successfully planted in the
community garden but Derek Onley is looking for spoiled hay, plus more
people to assist. He can be contacted at

Garden tour: This hugely popular and wildly successful initiative will
this year visit three very different Purakunui gardens on Saturday
January 9 (although this date is subject to confirmation). Tickets
will be available at $15 each but numbers are strictly limited.
Further details will be published in Blueskin News and on

Open Orchards: A meeting to discuss the Waitati Open Orchard
Initiative is being held on October 8 at the Waitati Hall. (See
separate story.)

Allotments: A number of people have indicated they would be keen to
have an allotment should this project come to fruition. If the idea
appeals to you, please contact The WEGies
are putting together a proposal which details how an allotment system
might work here in Waitati with a view to obtaining public feedback
and input.

Harvest markets: This year's harvest markets were extremely successful
so plans have been made to hold another three next year. The markets
will be held on February 21, March 21 and April 18 from 10.30am until
midday. While a good cross-section of food is available at the market,
a baker would be a great addition to the mix if anyone knows someone
who might be keen.

Waitati Edible Gardeners welcome people keen to become part of the
local food network, who want to learn more about various aspects of
food gardening, or are keen to share what they know. Life membership
costs a mere $5. For more information contact

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