Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Frilly Frock - Traditional Dancing in North East Valley

By Marilyn August

"Traditional European dancing", the notice said. "Thursday evenings".

I hadn't danced anything with steps in it for forty-five years, except
for a brief tussle with the Charleston for the curtain call of a play.
I have two left feet and a chronic inability to follow instructions or
hear musical rhythm. Who me? Dance? And a little voice said: "Why
not?" So I went along and I muddled through. After six weeks my two
left feet had miraculously transformed themselves into a right and a
left. I was actually beginning
to relax and not have to think about what I was doing. Well, most of
the time. I could hear the music and I knew when the beats came and
what my body should be doing.

I have learnt twelve different dances from a variety of periods, some
of them couple dances, some of them small group or line or circle
dances. I am longing to put on a frilly frock and go to a ball.
Although we are a tiny group - more people please - we are having
enormous fun. Some of us could dance before but some, like me, have
dived off the deep end. However, none of this seems to matter. Kate
just assumes we will end up able to do it. She works away patiently
and it all comes together with amazing speed. I really like the
concentration required and the feeling of freedom that comes when your
body knows a sequence and can just go with the music.

This is a class that I can really recommend.

Traditional dancing from France (and beyond)
Thursday 6pm to 7:30pm
Beginners most welcome - Casual atmosphere - $5
Baptist Church hall 270 North Road
North East Valley
Tutor: Kate Grace
kategrace@clear.net.nz/Tel: 473 6488

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