Wednesday, 19 August 2009

FEATURE: Rozi Dance studio

PHOTO: two dancers from the children's group

by Peter Dowden

Rozalina Stoyanova has recently developed Salsa dance lessons for
children. Formerly from Bulgaria, now living in the Waitati area, Rozi
has been giving salsa dance lessons for adults for several months.

"The idea for the children's classes is to make them curious about
Latino music, singers and dancers, and the history of the styles that
they are learning," Rozi told 'Blueskin News'.

Rozi gives her young dance students print information about the
history and encourages them to search the Internet for more
information about famous dancers and singers. "They also have a CD
with music from the lessons to practice at home, because a dancer has
to dance three times weekly minimum if they want to be a good dancer."

During lessons, Rozi and her students watch DVDs of international
Salsa dance competitions to understand what levels can be reached and
to learn what is happening in the world of Latino dances at the
moment, including trends and the rules of Latino choreography.

"The idea is not only to move, but to understand the art and culture
of the dancing. Only that way a dancer will look wonderful."

Rozi finds that when working with children, "the responsibility is
much bigger. This is not entertainment only. You create the way they
look at the world of music and dance."

Rozi's dance lessons are held every Thursday, Children: 5.30-6.15pm,
Adults: 7-8pm.

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