Friday, 21 August 2009


By Alasdair Morrison

The updated model of the proposed library expansion is now on display
at the Blueskin Bay Library and the Project Group would welcome your
comments. Appropriate forms are available at the library counter.

The Architect's design statement here gives a good idea of what is planned:


It is proposed to demolish the existing library and construct a new
library as an extension to the existing community building.

The interior of the new library has an open plan with the circulation
desk and librarian's office at the hub. This provides excellent
sight-lines to and from all areas, including the playground and with
views of the mature native trees and the Paul Smith memorial.

This is a 'green' building.

Natural ventilation is maximised through strategically placed windows,
roof vents and use of the 'chimney effect' to naturally exhaust air.

Natural lighting is maximised thereby reducing dependence on electric
lighting. All electrical fittings are selected on the basis of energy

Extensive north facing glazing enhances the potential for solar gains.
Thermal storage is possible with floor tiles over the concrete slab.
Energy efficient heat pumps will also heat the concrete slab. Heat
losses are reduced through the use of insulation to the building skin
and by effectively isolating internal spaces from the outside through
the use of an entrance lobby.

The layout of the library allows for flexibility and future uses. The
meeting room is a multi-use space for study, as a staffroom, art
display and meeting room. It can be used independently by community
groups even when the library is closed.

All materials used will be low to zero 'VOC', require low maintenance
and be from renewable resources where possible. Interior finishes
include timber, timber product, paint and carpet tiles. Exterior
cladding is Western Red Cedar and the roofing matches the existing.

(Architect statement ends)

We would welcome your comments by the 20th September. Please feel free
to call Alasdair Morrison or Louise Booth for clarification on any

Note: the plan is to relocate the library collection to Waitati School
during the construction phase.

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