Wednesday, 22 July 2009



by Jackie Fanning and Jason Ross

Know of any Fruit Trees in Waitati's public spaces?

The Waitati Open Orchard initiative is the mapping of existing, and planting
of more, fruit and nut trees in public spaces in Waitati for all the
community to harvest.

After the article in the July issue of Blueskin News, we have had a few
people email us the location of fruit trees in Waitati. If you know the
location of a fruit tree but you are not sure what sort that's fine - please
let us know.

Some locations you have told us so far include:

Pear trees by railway access along Doctors Point Rd

Yellow skinned apple tree on track to bottom gate of the Ecosanctuary

Blackberries on Orokonui Rd

Elders in sand dunes at Doctors Point Beach

apple trees outside Waitati Hall

There has been a request for more elderberry trees, patches of berry shrubs
and peach trees if we could get them to grow.

Also if you know of a site that would be a suitable public space for more
fruit trees, let us know. There is interest in Purakaunui for a similar
scheme - if you are interested in getting involved in Purakanui please
contact marionwassenaar @

Our email address is waitatiopenorchard @

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