Wednesday, 22 July 2009

FEATURE: Bland Park

Bland Park

by Philip Kelly

Recent editions of Blueskin News have included articles about Bland
Park and so it seems pertinent and timely to provide some relevant
background, some of which is hopefully also interesting.

Bland Park is owned and administered by the A and P Society by bequest
of the late Harrison Bland. The Society manages Bland Park in the
spirit of his will which involves allowing the residents of Blueskin
Bay to use the park for sports, picnics, shows and other recreational
purposes when not required by the Society for its own events. In
recent times the park has been used for A andP shows/clearing
sales/family fun days, junior rugby and soccer and social cricket.

Unfortunately, there are also a variety of costs that the A and P
Society has to contend with, including rates, A and P society dues,
public liability insurance and general maintenance. In fact, it is
only the considerable efforts in recent times by past and present A
and P Society members that has restored financial solvency and got the
park back to a state where it is well maintained and regularly used.
This has also involved a relationship with the DCC who assist with
maintaining the grounds.

While Bland Park may appear a tranquil piece of the Waitati landscape,
this belies the thousands of voluntary hours that past and present A
and P Society members have put into its administration and maintenance
over the years. We hope to keep developing Bland Park so that it
continues to be available for recreational purposes to Blueskin Bay

Anyone wishing to know more about Bland Park is free to contact me,
and if I can't answer your question then I will do my best to find
someone who can.

(Philip is president of the Blueskin A and P Society)

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