Wednesday, 22 July 2009



by Louise Booth

The end of Winter is in sight, and really it hasn't been so bad. Here
comes Spring. You might be needing gardening books or something for a
new project. Ask us for what we have or can get for you.

Swine flu

There seems to be more and more of this about and libraries are often
where people go when they're feeling unwell, for the excellent reason
that they need a book to take to bed. We are asking people not to come
in if they are in any doubt about the possibility of infecting others.
But you will still need books! We can deliver. Ring us up, tell us
what you need, possibly this will include music and DVDs as well, and
we will do our best to get them to you. There is no charge for this
service. Stay warm. Coddle yourself.

Get Well bags

You don't have to have swine flu to use this service. Contact us or
have someone do it for you when you are sick, and we will put together
a collection to brighten your day. So far, people have used this
service in particular for sick children, but it is available for
everyone. Again, no charge.

Housebound Service

This is a free service for people who are unable to leave home to come
to the library. Most of the people using this service are housebound
in a way that is long term, but we have also used it medium term
situations like a broken leg. For this service we keep a record of
your preferences and make up a bag of items that we hope will suit
you, usually one bag each fortnight, but this is flexible. We do
require a reliable person from the community who will take your bag to
you on a volunteer basis. If you could benefit from this, or if you
know of someone who could, please let us know.

Library Redevelopment

Construction is planned to begin in April 2010. The council is putting
$500,000 towards the cost, and the community is being asked to raise
the balance of $260,000, using local fundraising and national funding
agencies. If the fundraising and the construction go to plan, we
should be in our big, beautiful new library by September 2010. The
existing library will be pulled down and we will be in temporary
premises provided generously at Waitati School. We have a model of the
updated plans, and these will soon be on display at the library.

Blueskin Poets 2009

We have a marvellous collection of work from local children, thanks to
the support of Waitati and Warrington schools. But where are the poems
from the adults in the community? Have you been too busy? The deadline
has passed, but a small extension could be arranged. Part of the idea
of this project is to make it as inclusive as possible, so adult
support would be much appreciated. Something simple and short would be

Book Clubs

Adult club: Members have been hibernating during winter months, but
will emerge revitalised in the spring. We will let you know when this
is due to happen.

Warrington School Book Club

After a bit of a recess, we are starting this again on Wednesday July
29 and Aug 26. School principal Nathan Parker is keen to be involved,
and we hope that this will encourage boys to participate, as so far we
have been exclusively female.

Waitati School Book Club

We plan to start up this term, dates yet to be announced. We'll let you know.

Mimi the library cat

Mimi is happy and well in her new North East Valley home. Thanks to
all those who have enquired. Cats are some of our favourite people at
Blueskin Bay library.

Bye from Louise, Carolyn, Averil and Bessie

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