Tuesday, 23 June 2009



by Lyn Hastie

An important task for our Life Guards and Patrol Supports, who are the
only beach safety patrol between St Kilda and Christchurch, is to keep
their swimming performance and fitness up through the winter months.
This is also an important learning time for our Junior members, who we
all hope will become Life Guards in a year or three. Swimming
continues throughout the winter months. There are pool champs coming
up later in the year and we hope to have some young clubbies taking

Otago Surf Life Saving has recently held its break up for the year,
apparently the entertainment was much enjoyed by young and old alike.
A magician provided some wonderful tricks and had many wondering just
how that happened or where it went. The prize giving saw one of our
members receive the top Life Guard of the Year Award. Congratulations
to Pru Casey who has received this award and also brought along a
number of new guards to our club.

Warrington patrollers gained 100% in all three of their patrol
inspections this past season which is a great achievement.

Our next club meeting will be held on Monday July 20 at 7.30pm in the
club rooms. Don't worry if it's a cold night as the room is always
warm with heaters and hot drinks for all.

Our club Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 14 August at
7pm.There will be food and drink and it will be for all family
members. Please give some thought to what positions you and your
family can take on. There WILL be positions up for grabs. More details
next month.

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