Thursday, 25 June 2009



Compiled by Warrington staff and Peter Dowden

Our marae visit in early June was an enjoyable experience. Many of the
senior children slept over and wish to repeat the visit. During our
stay we were given the opportunity of being part of a powhiri and had
the carvings on the wharenui explained, worked with harakeke and
rakau, and had some local history lessons.
We were invited at the powhiri to open our eyes, ears and hearts. The positive
attitude that the pupils showed both on the marae and back at school would
suggest they met this challenge.

We prepared for our Matariki festivities with Juliet working with
groups of children getting lanterns and masks ready. For Matariki on
Wednesday 24 June we all cleaned rubbishg from Warrington Beach, then
in the evening we had lantern parades from four corners of Warrington,
arriving together at the School for dancing, singing and food sharing.

The re-written School Charter is undergoing the final part of
community consultation with the Puketeraki Runaka.

The builders are cracking along with both the classroom extensions and
office upgrade. To celebrate having a roof on the extension, we held a
traditional 'roof shout'. The builders are hopeful we can move back
into the admin area before the end of the term.

After the holidays we welcome our new teacher for Term 3 in Room 1,
Renee van Tuel.

Stories from Room 3

On Friday Alex's tooth fell out and he was excited and he told
everyone that he was excited. By Mikey.

Yesterday we went to Floyd's house. We went at 3 o'clock and we
played with the kittens and he had 99 kittens. We got to go on the
trampoline. He had a tickly mouse. I put it on my cheek and it was
fun. By Maddy.

Today it is Dawn's birthday and she is turning 41 years old. I think
she is happy or excited. It seems that she is very happy. Dion's mum
is 41 too. Mrs Russell is 41 too. By Phoebe.

Dad went to Perth yesterday. By Jacob.

Crayfish are orange and pretty. I love them. By Olive-Coco.

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