Tuesday, 23 June 2009



By Leonie Rousselot

All welcome to join us at Bill's Place, corner Orokonui and Mt.
Cargill Roads on Tuesdays at 8.00pm.

Drama, comedy, history or just plain entertainment in a warm, pleasant
environment with convivial company.

Ring: Brigitte 482-2829 or Leonie 482-2508 for more info or visit:

Tuesday July 7, 8.00pm.


East Germany 1957

Not your normal teen cult film as this one is set in East Berlin in
pre-Wall days. Youngsters rebel against the ever-tightening state
control and fantasize about fleeing to the West. Frowned upon by the
authorities, the film was a sensational success with the locals who
considered it a true depiction of everyday life. 79m

Friday 11 July, 8.00pm

Special screening: Waitati Film Society fundraiser

Screening of the unique documentary BREATH OF PEACE

Where; Waitati Hall with filmmaker Kathleen Gallagher (of Earth Whisperer)

Kathleen Gallagher will be talking to us about Breath of Peace

Tickets: $ 10.00 / $ 12.00

Tea and coffee included otherwise BYO.

Breath of Peace is a fascinating story of effort towards global peace,
featuring eight peace people of Aotearoa New Zealand - spanning some
seven decades –
peace walkers, petitioners, and folk in small boats and on the
surfboards sailing out into the harbours in the face of huge warships.

A unique documentary, bedded in the movement of aihe (dolphins),
tohora (whales), kotuku (white herons), toroa (albatross) and with an
original score blending contemporary waiata and traditional Maori
musical instruments.

This film tells the story of how Aotearoa New Zealand became nuclear
free and anti-war. It is an inspiration for all people, young and
old, and for peacemakers everywhere.

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Kathleen Gallagher

Tuesday July 14, 8.00pm


E Germany 1968

As a very young child Gregor's parents fled with him from Germany to
the Soviet Union. He returns at 19, a Soviet trooper at the end of
WWII conquering what he still thinks of as his homeland, a victor, yet
one of the vanquished. 115m

Tuesday July 21, 8.00pm


E Germay 1972

Egon Günther's film received many accolades and was a box office
success. It depicted female self-liberation in East Germany where the
trend was just emerging. Jutta Hoffmann gave an award winning
performance as Margit an emancipated woman determined to swim against
the strong tide of social norms in pursuit of her own happiness. 107m

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