Saturday, 20 June 2009

W3 RIDESHARE (column)

By Jackie Fanning

W3 Ride-Share is the no obligation, one-way ride sharing scheme begun
last year for commuters between Waikouaiti, Warrington, Waitati and

Although we have over 80 people currently registered with W3, it has
not been as successful as it could be. We want you to tell us how you
think W3 can be improved.

I have found the scheme to work quite well for me, however, I do hold
out the W3 sign rather than wear the armband. Maybe the arm bands
aren't visible enough?

W3 has a page or two on the Transition Towns (TT) website – one of
which is the W3 Forum where you can post your comments. To do this
you will have to register or log on to the TT website (easy to do –
just yet another password).

The idea is that this is an online forum where participants and others
can communicate with each other, make recommendations on how the
scheme should run, or use it establish more formal carpooling
arrangements. A number of comments on people's experiences have been
made already.

The TT site is and you will see the
W3 Ride-Share link from there. This site is also great for finding
out about other activities in the community.

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