Tuesday, 23 June 2009



by Christine Rainbow

Six young babies have attended our first SPACE (Supporting Parents
Alongside Childrens Education) sessions which are held on Mondays
10.30-1.00 at Warrington Playcentre (Closed school holidays 6 and 13
July). SPACE caters for under-1s from Waitati to Palmerston.

They have enjoyed exploring in the warm relaxed environment, while
parents have spent time getting to know each other over a cuppa and
home baking.

We have started the babies' portfolios with photos and footprints,
parents using their creative skills while the babies practice their
own stages of development, rolling, tummy time, sitting, reaching,
grabbing and chewing, playing with our heuristic baskets.

At SPACE we include:

* play sessions with age appropriate equipment that supports infants
learning and development.

* Discussions and information on relevant child development and parent topics

* An introduction to rhymes, music, and books for infants.

All this for $2, sorry no children over 1 year.

If you would like to attend, or find out more about SPACE (or about
Playcentre for older children), contact Christine: 021 237 1158 or if
you are lucky I might be at home: 482 2005.

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